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committing to change!


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this is my third whole 30 attempt but my first time realizing the log component of the forum. im going to start my own thread here for my own accountability. i posted earlier on another thread that i am starting the whole 30 in conjunction with seeing a therapist for my eating issues-long standing sugar addiction, emotional and closet eating, binge eating, general obsession over food, anxiety at parties, etc. 


i know whole 30 is the answer and for a long time ive kept finding excuses as to why i shouldnt do it or why other ways can work just as well. denial for not wanting to commit-for wanting to get around my issues. just like it took me all these years to realize i need actual help-not a nutritionist, not a diet article in a magazine-but actual help to help me figure out why i behave this way with food. 


ive been on a food bender the past few weeks and have probably gained 5-6 lbs in that time alone. hiding candy wrappers in the garbage, eating cadbury eggs while walking throug harmon. ive been sick for 3 weeks and cant help but think the way im eating is preventing me from getting better. so, today, the night before i start i am making a committment for real change. im not going back-im doing this, for real, 100% this time, no cheating with salad dressing at a restaurant or kerry gold butter instead of ghee. no excuses. no eating half of my roasted winter squash off the tray out of the oven and giving in with an apple pie larabar after a meal or for a snack. its like eating a candy bar for me. no coming off after a day 30 of my "sort of whole 30" and going back to my old habits. if on day 30 i dont feel ready, i will keep going. until i know i am ready to venture off. 


im not entirely sure of how this log works in terms of the group, if people will read it or not, but im using it as a journal. 


my plan for tomorrow:

M1: scrambled eggs with avocado and roasted butternut squash

M2: big salad with aidells sasuage, avocado and olive oil/balsamic dressing

M3: frittata from the whole 30 recipe instagram! (will have leftovers for several days)


here i go!

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5 days done! ive been doing well. had a few snack incidents, but kept it under control. i did have a few bites of almond butter out of the jar today, but nothing out of control. 


meals have been good-today i didnt eat enough for breakfast (2 sunnyside eggs, sliced bell pepper and small spoonful of guac) and then i went to yoga and dia 5.25 mile walk later inthe day, so i had  couple of snacks. an apple with almond butter and later almonds with another apple. so 2 servings of fruit today, which is the first time. i also ate some strawberries i was cutting up for my son. thats the type of stuff i need to stop doing but almost have the hardest time with.


i made the frittata from the W30 recipe instagram last week and it was great-i made another one today to have for the week-such an easy breakfast and i like it far better than egg muffins. my husband made a big batch of chili (hes joining me tomorrow!) and i cut up a ton of veggies for salads so everything is ready to go. we spent a lot of time in the kitchen together today prepping-it felt productive. 


went out to dinner with friends and i got this fajita in a bowl thing-no rice, no beans, i asked for extra peppers and onions instead. it was AMAZING. so yummy. was just the steak, chicken, and sauteed peppers and onions. 


feeling good so far. start seeing my therapist tuesday. plannign to take the whole 30 to a whole 60-we go on vacation april 12 which is just a few days short of 60. going with my family who will be supportive and helpful. i know i need more than 30 days for the reset. 


oh also!!! totally loving spaghetti squash. i knew i had to cut back on the starchy veggies this tie around (i way over did it last time)-i made spaghetti squash last week and then had a lot left over and i seasoned it up really well-better than i normally do apparently b/c it was amazing. i bought another one to roast and just have in the fridge ready to go with anything (fried eggs in the am, yum!)

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