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Changing reintro schedule and co-mingling food groups

Sarah Thornburg

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I understand the reintroduction schedule is based on first adding back foods that are least likely to cause issues then progresses to foods that are most likely to cause issues. However, for me, legumes, specifically beans, are the most likely group to cause an issue and therefore I don't want to reintroduce them first thing.  But I'm not sure at what point to reintroduce them. Does it really matter what you reintroduce and when? Or is the time between food groups more important?


Also, I'm considering reintroducing beans separately from other legumes. Would I need to include them at all meals in the day or would one meal be sufficient? I'm thinking the large quantity of beans in one day could cause a problem. A problem I may not have with a smaller quantity.


Lastly, I'm wondering if I can co-mingle food groups once I've determined my body can handle them? For example, if I reintroduce dairy and find my body doesn't react adversely to cheese or milk, can i continue to have cheese/milk when I reintroduce the next food group? I don't see why not...


Thanks for your insights!  #Day24

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You can reintroduce in any order you wish. If you know you have problems with a particular food, especially if you avoid it in general, you don't have to reintroduce them at all.

Do always leave at least two days between reintroductions, more if you are still not feeling good so you don't confuse continuing issues from one food with new ones from another.

No, you shouldn't keep having a food throughout reintroductions if you didn't notice symptoms at first. This is because you might tolerate a little of something just fine, but more might cause issues, and then you wouldn't know which food was causing issues.

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