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Validation on food consumtion


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Hi all:

I'm on Day 10 and new to the forums. I'd love for someone to take a look at one of my typical days (below was from yesterday) to see if I'm eating the right types of things. I'm not feeling much or any of a difference in my clothing which is okay for now as I am feeling some of the other positive effects. I'm wondering if I've eating too many potatoes. I eat them at breakfast and again at dinner. not a ton of them, but they are still pretty starchy. Thanks for any input... really appreciate it. Oh, every once in a while I have a handful of nuts to ward off the hunger, but it's not every day. I'm trying hard to cut those out completely, or have them with my meal as a garnish.



2 eggs, red bliss potato, Zucchini, prepared with a small amount of ghee

Coffee w/light coconut milk



Salad w/Tuna & homemade mayo

1/2 small avocado, sliced black olives, a few sprinkles of nutritional yeast

Olive oil and fresh lemon


Coffee w/ light coconut milk



Pork Tenderloin/ walnut crusted with balsamic vinaigrette

Cauliflower mash

Boiled Potato


Water consumption: 1 gallon

Activity: 75 minutes slow flow yoga and walking between 2-4 miles p/d

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How are you feeling between meal, bebe? The meals look pretty small to me, the person above is correct, eggs when they are your sole protein should be as many as you can hold in your hand wihtout dropping...that's at least 3-4 for most people as a start. I don't see enough added fat, the cooking fat doesn't count, that generally stays in the pan. Try adding olives, avocado, drizzles of extra ghee/olive oil, homemade mayo etc.

Salads need to be enormous in order to provide enough nutrition. Once they are chewed down, they are highly reduced, throw some cooked veggies into your salad too.

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Good morning all:

WOW.. okay... very interesting. I thought for sure I'd get feedback indicating that I'm eating too many potatoes so was rather surprised to hear that I'm not eating enough in general and need to add more protein and fat. not a problem as I do love food. I do drizzle olive oil on my cooked veggies and thought I was getting enough fat using the ghee and coconut milks, but I can always add a bit more. It's hard not to think about calories in though as one of my goals is to get to a healthy body weight. Without being to "judgey" I'd say I need to drop about 30 pounds to be at an optimal body weight. I do realize that there will be a million other wonderful positive health side effects from this program, but I do want my body weight down. .

I'm feeling pretty good in between meals, though occasionally I get a bit hungry and grab a small handful of compliant nuts to hold me over until my next meal. I also drink compliant tea or decaf coffee w/light coconut milk in between meals.


Today is a new day. Just finished breakfast and added an egg, so had 3 eggs, boiled red bliss potato in pan with ghee and about 3/4 cup guacamole.



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