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I'm in so much pain.


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Day 27....


Period came early by about four days earlier this week. I know this is all because my body is finally getting good and healthy food instead of trash, but this just sucks right now. I haven't had this much pain or heavy bleeding in years. This feels a lot like my periods did when I first started having them before I became irregular. The irregularity is why I'm on birth control.


I'm 35 and can't have children. I've had cycle issues since I was 17. Doctors over the years have never been able to figure out a cause. My longest period was 42 days (I was still in high school then) and VERY heavy. Without BC to regulate me I range from having periods lasting several weeks with 10 days off then back to bleeding again to months without a period. In 2006 I went 11 weeks once without a period, thought I was pregnant, but it turned out I was not. In 18 years I've been to five doctors, two nurse practitioners and spent thousands of dollars trying to find out what's wrong with me. All they know is I can't have children. Some think I don't ovulate at all. Others have said I ovulate sporadically. My husband and I tried to conceive for about five years. We had his vasectomy reversed so we could start a family. That turned out to be a huge waste of money (surgery worked, but then I had issues).


In 2008 I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy done along with a D&C. My current gynecologist did the surgery. She said there was nothing physically wrong with me. I had been misdiagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis by two other doctors. Nobody can figure out what is wrong with my periods or why I cannot have children.


My husband for years said stress has done this to me. I was raised in an abusive home, and one of my parents was an alcoholic. I thought maybe stress was causing this.


Now I wonder if diet has been the real issue all along.


I do not want a baby anymore. I have an almost 20-year-old stepdaughter, and my husband (42) and I do not want to start over even if I could get pregnant.


Anyway, sorry about all the medical history. I just find it amazing how much diet really can affect your body. I first started having periods when I was 14 and had regular, normal cycles for about three years. Then the mess happened. I'm beginning to think poor diet was the culprit.


Too bad I didn't know about Whole30 years ago back when my husband and I were trying to have a child! I think this is fixing my issues even now. Trouble is he and I are too old to start over, and we don't want to mess with raising children from the ground up anymore.

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