How long does mayo typically hold up?

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For lunch today I had leftover whole30 chili and coleslaw. Not even 30 min later I'm having really bad lower stomach pains/cramps that are coming and going. I'm trying to troubleshoot if it was from the mayo in the coleslaw or the excess of tomatoes in the chili.

When you make home made mayo how do you know when to throw it out?

The chili was leftover from super bowl. I froze the extra and just thawed it yesterday and had the remaining for lunch today. I have had this same chili about 4-5 times now and don't have this reaction.

Last thing. The raw egg in my homemade mayo really kinda freaks me out haha. So I'm wondering if the egg free mayo is still just as good? I may make it that way next time.

I threw out the mayo just incase that was the reason and the last little bit of coleslaw. I finished off the chili so if that was the issue it won't be anymore. It's just always frustrating when you don't know EXACTLY what it was that irritated you. Other than that I'm on day 18 and feeling great ☺️

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I've read that mayo is good at least until the sell-by date on the eggs you used, and some sites I've read say up to a week after that. 


Cabbage can cause gas, bloating, and other digestive issues for some people (as can other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower) -- even if some cabbage doesn't bother you, if you've had it multiple meals over the last few days, that could be the issue. I'd especially suspect this if it continues to be cramping or gas, though if it progresses to diarrhea or nausea, that might be more likely to be either a stomach bug or that something (mayo or some other food) was a little off.


If you're concerned, or it lasts more than a day or two, definitely contact your doctor, since no one here can give you medical advice.

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I would bet on the cabbage too (I can't stomach raw cabbage).


Eggs and mayo which are off usually smell. Salmonella poisoning is pretty horrific, you'd know if you had it.


If you're worried about raw egg, buy the best eggs you can afford and make your mayo with fresh eggs. Older ones are great for boiled eggs and cooking.

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