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Help! Birthday dinner and not sure if I can eat at restaurant!


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My friend's birthday is tomorrow and we'll be eating at a restaurant called Stampede 66. I was wondering if anyone could help me by finding some options on the menu that are Whole30 compliant (or changing them to be compliant).


I'm very comfortable cooking my own food but going out during this 30 day period is making me really nervous! I survived Valentine's day, but it was harder than I anticipated (even checking the menu beforehand---the waitress looked at me like I was crazy when I requested no butter on anything). This time I didn't choose the restaurant though and it seems to be harder to pick something out. Post-Whole30 I wouldn't be as concerned, I just don't want to ruin the healing process that's going on right now.


Here is a link to their dinner menu:




The braised beef (under meats) and grilled gulf catch (under gulf seafood) look acceptable; do I just ask them to saute in Olive Oil rather than butter?? Do y'all see anything else that might work? I'm not familiar with ingredients in a few of the items, like confit and sous vide, which may have hidden no-nos.


Thanks in advance!




P.S. I'm on Day 18 and LOVE it so far!

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No need to delete... we like the fact that your response is that you called the restaurant and got helpful info... that's the course of action that we would have advised anyway.


Just make sure the meat wasn't marinated or seasoned in anything off plan... it's not just the cooking oils to be worried about.

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