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Sleep issues--Day 4

Laura D

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So far I have experienced the typical mentioned symptoms--Day 1 pretty easy, Day 2 woke up with headache, felt pretty crummy, yesterday was better and today just ok but really tired (day 4). I have the will power to continue even though I feel pretty wiped out. My biggest issue is terrible sleep this week. I have been going to bed around 9:15pm this week (because of being so tired) and usually get up for work by 6:00am. I awake a couple of hours after falling asleep, feeling restless and can't quite get comfortable. Just can't stay asleep for a long stretch. Dragging in the morning and today finally tried Whole30 compliant coconut cream and cinnamon in much needed coffee. Any advice out there or others that experienced something similar? Does it get better? Thank you  :)

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