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Frustrated, Worried that I have gained weight 12 days in


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I have not slipped at all and don't intend to but my only pair of pants that I wear outside of work are feeling alot tighter.  I am really worried about gaining more weight after  it my recent 10 pound gain before I started.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.  I eat fruit smoothies and bacon for breakfast, large salad for lunch.  I have mixed nuts and dates for snack and a whole 30 recipe for dinner.  After dinner I have either frozen banana ice cream or nuts and dates.  So I have like 3 bananas some days.  It seems like I am having alot of olive oil.  But this is all whole 30 approved food.  I have not read the book.  Is that where the small print is?  The attached strings?

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You may be at the "pants" stage of the timeline.

Following the Rules but not the Recommendations may mean you don't get the best results you could have.


You don't need to read the book to do a Whole30, but you may want to review the Meal Template.





Rules vs Recommendations



Meal Template


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You are eating a lot of fruit and dates are as close to sugar as you can get and still be whole food 30 approved.  Smoothies are technically compliant, but not recommended.  It's better to eat food you have to chew.  I'd replace the fruit with veggies and make sure you are following the meal template.  If you are eating template meals, you should not need to snack.


And the banana ice cream is not allowed on a WF30:


Paleo Ice Cream (YoNanas): No

This. Is. Ice. Cream. Unlike plain frozen fruit, or fruit blended into ice cubes, the only purpose of this confection is to replicate the taste, texture and reward sensation of ice cream. (Don’t tell us you’d get the same satisfaction from a frozen banana because we call your bluff.) Plus the addition of cocoa, nut butters, nuts, or other fruits to your creamy concoction… this is straight SWYPO, and it’s off-limits during your Whole30.

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Ok some things you may not want to hear.


Too many fruits and nuts will lead to bloating discomfort and possible weight gain.  This is the truth.


It is possible to have bacon wrapped dates, and lara bars, and smoothies with every meal and you will "technically" be doing a whole 30.  But honestly you're missing the point of it all if you are choosing to do it this way.


We want you to step away from the regular dieting concepts like smoothies, and sad looking iceberg salads and really and truly eat to nourish your body.  Not to starve it and continue to be buzzing and crashing because of sugar (dates, dried fruit and nuts + 3 bananas)


A better breakfast would look like - 3 whole eggs (yes 3 - when eggs are your sole protein in a meal it should be the amount of whole eggs you can hold in one hand.  For most women that is 3 to 4) scrambled with sauteed mushrooms, spinach and peppers, and bacon on the side (bacon is considered a fat source NOT protein) If after that you are still hungry add a small cup of fruit.  Personally I would avoid the fruit until later on in the day as fruit has a tendency to set us up for a sugar crash and early hungry later on in the day.


When salad is your main veggie source it will literally need to be HUGE - think mixing bowl size.  It's because you need to think of all those veggies as cooked or wilted down.  I have cooked an entire clamshell of greens only for it to account for *maybe* half a cup.  So that's something for you to think about.  Also make sure that you are getting getting decent amounts of fat either salad dressing or avocado + squeeze of lemon would work well here.


What you need to remember is 1 to 2 palmsized portions of protein + 1 - 3 cups of veg + 1 to 2 thumbsized portions of fat.  With every meal.  Fruit is entirely optional.

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As an exercise, try to think of all the fruit and nuts you eat as a condiment, as if they were mustard, for example. Now go back to your meal descriptions, and everywhere you listed a fruit or nut, insert the word "mustard". What should quickly become clear is that you are missing vegetables as a major player on your plate.

So when preparing those meals, think in sequential order: #1 Vegetables, #2 Meat, #3 Fat. If fruit and nuts appeal to you, throw a few in after you fill the plate, like the afterthought they should be. Like mustard. :)

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