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How to come off Addiction to Fruit


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I am a 12 year old looking to do whole30 before I do the GAPS program as I want to kill my sugar dragon (eating too much fruit on GAPS renders it useless) However I am ADDICTED to fruit and when I cut it out I go kinda crazy... I can't remove fruit from my sight as all other people in my family love it but have a good relationship with it... I have cut out dried fruit, smoothies, and juices. And I have tried to restrict it to low GI, low sugar high fibre fruits.... Doesn't make a difference. I am fine with all veggies but can not have potato, sweet potato, yams etc as I also become addicted to them... HELP someone!!

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First of all, make sure a parent or guardian knows that you have registered for this site and posted your photo. As a parent of two twelve-year-olds, I would strongly urge you to take down your photo and anything else you may have included that identifies you specifically.


Second, congratulations on thinking carefully about how to eat well - this is not something every young person thinks of, and you are thinking hard about this, so well done!


Third, please know that you are in major growth spurt time in your life. It's VERY important that you talk over your thoughts about Whole30 and the GAPS diet with a trusted adult who really knows you. Because you are growing so rapidly at this time of life, you may have days when you feel you are just eating all day. My children certainly have days when they spend more time eating than not. That's OK. It doesn't mean you're addicted. It means you're growing. You do need to eat.


Fourth, consider talking to the parent, guardian, trusted adult about what happens to you when you do not eat fruit, and ask for their thoughts on what they see happening with you. It may be that you are just hungry. Including the starchy vegetables in your diet is a really good idea for all kinds of stability - physical, emotional, and mental.


And remember, you need to eat. Adults may easily eat only three meals a day. If you follow the pattern of the twelve year olds in my life, three meals a day isn't nearly enough. I'm grown up, you're growing. You eat.


Please, please, show this to a trusted adult, get their input on your being here (and take down your photo); show them your question and my and any other responses, and consider that eating well really means eating.


One final thought - when you find yourself wanting to eat fruit, try eating, for instance, some tuna with mayonnaise and sweet potatoes (or broccoli or another vegetable you like). In other words, eat a meal. Talk this possibility over with a trusted adult as well.


Stay thoughtful, stay safe online, and eat up. :)

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