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Starting March 1st!


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Hello All!


I want to start my 1st Whole 30 on March 1st. I have just read the first book and much of the information was familiar to me - I've been Paleo-curious for a few years and have taken steps to eliminate dairy, grains and sugar from my diet in the past. Since I got married 2 years ago though, I have diverted back to a gluten free SAD (gluten causes a rash on my hands). My weight has fluctuated greatly my whole life and I'm a type 1 Diabetic with A1C's in the 7's. My husband and I want to get pregnant by the end of the year and my A1Cs need to be as close to 6 as possible before pregnancy.

I am definitely in need of a reset! My husband is tad skeptical and rolls his eyes at the mention of anything "paleo". I do have his support because he has witnessed the frustrations I've encountered with my weight even though we exercise and tried conventional calorie counting diets. I think the book explains the hormonal feedback loops really well and spell out why sugar matters and the importance of whole foods


Here are some of my goals:

- Balance hormones (as balanced as a T1diabetic can be)

- A1C <7, eventually <6.2

- Incorporate more gut healing and probiotic foods into my diet

- Loose weight in a gradual sustainable way

- End my dependency on carbs for energy, become fat-adapted


Here will be my challenges:

- Giving up stevia extract (it's been my go to sweetener for the last 10 years!)

- Cheese - I just love cheese! and sour cream too!


I'm excited to be able to embrace a program that I know will help nourish myself for the time being and eventually be able to nourish my family. I will be probably using My Fitness Pal to track what I eat - my endocrinologist likes to see a food diary when I go to see her. Also, she has me taking a pre-natal vitamin because of our plans to start a family in the next year or so. Does anybody know of a brand that is Whole 30 compliant, or should I just forgo the supplement while I'm on the program?



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