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Starting Whole30 Feb 22. My first!!!


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Hey all!! I'm giving myself today to plan out my meals and make my list of food I will need and my "real" Day 0 is tomorrow. I'm doing my grocery shopping and cooking tomorrow. 

I'm excited to start but worried at the same time. I've tried to go and stick with a gluten free diet but always failed. I have a sensitive GI tract and allergies. I havent been feeling well and I just found out im anemic. I'm hoping that starting and reaching my goal of finishing Whole 30 I will feel better and continue to live Whole 30. I want to eat anything and be normal but I know that this may have to be my normal now and it doesn't mean that I won't be happy.


Good luck to everyone that is in the process of Whole 30 and that will be starting soon. 





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