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Starting Whole 30 on 2/21/16 and TTC


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Hello all!


My name is Katie and I have been considering a Whole 30 for about three months, and after much physical and mental preparation over the past four weeks combined with my biggest motivation---my attempt to get pregnant with our first baby, I am finally ready to jump in and begin!


I will begin my first Whole 30 tomorrow, 2/21/16 and I look forward to taking this journey with you all.


Anyone else out there starting on 2/21?  Also anyone else TTC (trying to conceive) and doing a Whole 30?



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Welcome Katie!


Congrats on your first whole30 and TTC! While this isn't my first whole30, I can tell you, you are making the best decision for yourself and your health by starting this journey hand in hand. I too am TTC, and am on day 21 of my 6th Whole30 (over the past 4 years or so).  Get ready for a challenging, yet incredible journey for the next 30 days. Whenever I start a new Whole30, I always remind myself, that no matter the temptation, or mood swing, or angry sugar dragon that occasionally rears it's ugly head, I ALWAYS feel amazing by day 30, and those tough times or temptations are never ever worth it. 


As for TTC, my husband and I have been trying for 6 months with not even a hint of a baby. I'm starting to think that TTC is harder than completing the Whole30...that's saying a lot!! This was the first month of me doing Whole30 while TTC, and I thought that was the magic dust we needed, but not this month. One other thing we are trying is getting my husband on the Whole30 bandwagon too - it takes two, ya know.  ;)  either way, I've found my body, and health are much better on the Whole30 and that things are starting to feel "normal" for me and my hormonal health. Again, doing a Whole30 is one of the best ways to eliminate those variables you have 100% control over. So - best of luck to you and your partner on your TTC and your Whole30 journey. 


If you have any questions on the Whole30, know you have a friend in the same boat  :D

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Hi Katie, my friend and I are starting tomorrow. Today was day #0 for us, cleaning out our cupboards and refrigerator. We are both experiencing menopause (and pre) weight gain and other ailments that come along with it. Hoping our Whole 30 adventure will help us to eliminate any self induced suffering. Good luck to you (and us)!

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My husband and I just started on Sunday.  We're taking a break TTC right now, but am doing this in an effort to get my health (both diet related and not) optimal so we can try again after a miscarriage.  


If it's any sort of inspiration, I got pregnant the second month we tried, which coincided with my 5th or 6th Whole30.  I'm 38, have endometriosis so it was a shock to get pregnant so soon.  Now I just need to work on getting it to stick, which is unrelated to diet in my case.

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I'm on day 5 of my second Whole30 (first one was 3 years ago) and my husband and I will start TTC this month. I am excited/nervous - I'm 38 and I have thyroid issues plus bad inflammation in one of my SI joints, so I want to get my body as healthy as it can be. Good luck to everyone!

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