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Whole30, pre-existing medical condition or potential "bug?"


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Hi all! I'm on day 12 of my first whole 30, and I would like some feedback. Other than the initial sugar detox and finding the right amount of food to ward off low blood pressure and dizziness, I've been doing really well following the food template and, noticing small benefits already! Today however, I woke up feeling very tired, and "off" and after breakfast ended up getting horrible stomach cramps in waves, along with Nausea. Similar things have happened in the past, with poor diet choices and social drinking. I have gone thru just about every GI test over the 20 years of IBS and that's all (honestly, thankfully) they can say... IBS, maybe some "intestinal weak spots." Which was completely scoffed at by a different Doctor...

However today was a little different, because it's only lasted the day and is finally slowing down...usually this would happen for up to a week. I wonder...could it be a "bug" or just the effects of IBS and my gut getting used to so much fiber, and the shift in nutrient sources? I usually eat fair amounts of fiber but obviously not this much and without all my other added junk.


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