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Starting the Whole 30 - Feb 22nd


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Hi All, 


I start the whole 30 today.  I tried this about 2 years ago and only lasted 2 weeks.  I'm hoping that this time round I have enough stamina and discipline to last the whole month.  I've gained a significant amount of weight and am excited to get my life back in order and start to eat clean again and change habits. 


I travel a lot for work so would love advice on how you can keep to the 30.  That was my downfall last time and so I want to be extra planned and cautious given I do have quite a bit of travel lined up this month.  Excited to get my game face on!  So far so good as I started my day with not thinking of breakfast as breakfast.  I had bokchoy turkey with potatoes and lime water. 


Excited to blog each day to keep up my accountability. 




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