What Does Your After Whole30 Meal Prep look like?

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Hello! I love meal prepping, and I generally try to prep all of our lunches and two dinners on Sundays to make my life easier during the week. One thing that I struggled with during whole30 was that I felt like it was hard to prep a one pot meal or casserole because lots of those have pasta, rice, etc. Now that my whole30 is done, we are still eating according to the whole30 guidelines during the week but have added back legumes. Do you guys have any suggestions for your favorite one pot or casserole meals that you can prep on Sundays and have throughout the week? Some examples of things we do now are chili, chicken enchilada soup, and stuffed peppers. Pre whole30 we had lots of baked ziti, cornbread taco casserole, and enchiladas but I'm trying to limit the pasta, gluten, and cheese when I can :) Thanks in advance for your great ideas!

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I've cooked without pasta, rice, etc for so long that I wouldn't know how to add them to my recipes!


My current time saving favorite is the following, it relies on my food processor, no washing needed between steps. The portions are provided so as to give an idea of how much, but these can be adjusted:

  • Start steaming 1-2 butternut squash, I use the microwave. 
  • While steaming, start browning a pound of ground beef, chicken, or turkey. (can add fat here or later in veggies). 
  • While browning, thick slice veggies in processor: my faves are 4 green peppers, half a bag of radishes, carrots,  a few white potatoes. Choose from the rainbow is my goal! Dump in 9x13 cake-pan sized casserole.
  • When butternut is done, peel and place in processor. Add eggs, I do 10-12. If desired, add spices. I like to add hot peppers at this point! Puree.
  • Spread browned meat over veggies.
  • Spread puree over meat. Still a little bit to get puree through the veg and meat, but don't need to go crazy. 
  • Bake 375F until set, depends sometimes 45-60 mins.

Then I cut it into 6 or 8 sections --> Super fast meal. 


I like to vary the flavors. Yesterday I did mexican: serrano peppers with a mexican spice blend in the puree. Last week I did white potato with the veg because I had a high training load. Once I added a thawed and drained bag of kale halfway through baking and it made a 'crust' on the top.  


The butternut/egg puree acts as a binder of sorts, and makes it a solid casserole. Adding spices and flavors in the puree gets them distributed better. The spices dilute out, so add extra!! 


Grains and legumes need not apply ;)

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I finished whole30 last week, so I took Sunday to prep for this week. I made a roast in the oven, a big batch of Melissa's chicken hash and a breakfast casserole (hash browns, cooked ground pork, eggs & cheese).


We use the slow cooker a lot too, and there's a lot you can do in there that doesn't involve pasta or rice. Hope this helps!

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