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Many changes and many more to come


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Today is Day 31 for me, and I'm resisting the urge to berate myself for not feeling like I should celebrate.  In fact, I have come such a long way.  I am mid-30s and have had some manifestation of disordered eating or a full-blown eating disorder since I was 14.  Thus, in no way did I expect the Whole30 to solve everything or even a fraction of things (I'll note: many years of therapy).  But I did hope for change.  I had been eating only oatmeal, salad mix, Boca vegan burgers, fat-free yogurt, diet pop by the case, Arctic Zero fake ice cream, Quest/Fiber One bars . . . and all of these in large quantities because, not surprisingly, I was never full.  Top that off with Splenda on and in EVERYTHING.


I can report today that I have expanded my food selection by leaps and bounds.  Although I certainly could have gone heavier on fat (and don't think I ever got fat-adapted), I started eating it again.  I ate meat with every meal.  I tried veggies other than lettuce.  I COOKED for the first time in my eight years of marriage.  I allowed a big first meal of the day.  I enjoyed it!  Physically, my skin became radiant, I lost the abdominal bloat I always had from four or so bowls of oats per day, and I think I lost an inch from my waist and thighs.  This wasn't necessary, but I vainly welcomed it.


I have much more to do.  I over-relied upon kombucha and starchy vegetables, and I counted and tracked everything.  After 20 years of doing so, I am not sure I know how to stop.  My brain just GOES.  But I am willing to try.  The plan now is stay mainly on the template style of eating, go on vacation this weekend, and start a Round 2 of Whole 30 with different goals (namely, more fat, less counting/tracking) on March 7 or so.


This program has opened my eyes and made my life interesting.  I think I've made a good start even though I'm a work in progress.  I feel healthier than I have in a long time, and that is priceless.

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