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Hello! Starting my Whole 30 venture March 1st


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I'm a 37-year old yo-yo eater/dieter/workout...-er from Greenville, SC.

I've been watching a couple of friends who have gone through the Whole 30 program, and I decided that I would give it a try.

My journey through weight loss, exercise and working out is definitely akin to a roller coaster, and currently I've been dwelling in the valley.  Between work and back issues, my weight has climbed, my energy has lowered, and I know that I have to work my way out of the trenches.

And so, I'm here.  For at least the eating portion.  

Thank you for having me. :-)

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Hi! I am starting March 1st as well, from Australia.


I am feeling a little nervous to get started but I have read the book and I think I am ready. 30 days right, it is totally do-able....  :(


Good luck to you both 

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