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Lizzy's Whole 30 + prequel


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Hi everyone, I'm starting my Whole30 March 1st, but for the past week I've been doing sort of a Whole30 "prequel". I've been alcohol free for 9 days now (a big step for me, I tend to drink a bit), and last week was making most of my breakfasts Whole30 style. So starting today for the next week I'm going to step it up and will be doing Whole30 through lunch time. Getting super excited. I can already tell the differences in my body when I eat Whole30 stuff vs regular stuff- just a feeling of ickiness really, for lack of a more technical term.

My biggest struggle with sticking to this in the past was always "Life is short, I'm going to enjoy eating this mac & cheese/ chocolate bar/ whatever", but then today I realized you know what else is short? 30 days. Happy Monday everyone! :)



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