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Whole30 first-timer


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I started Whole30 on February 1st, after my good friend challenged me. I had been intrigued, and she was starting within the week, so I decided to do it with her. Week 1 was a tad brutal with mood swings, headaches, and cravings, but did ok til day 8. I ate sweet potato fries at a restaurant with my other-wise compliant meal. My Whole30 is now extended an additional week to be true. I am totally ok with the consequences of my actions, and I'm glad I didn't really have to do the symptoms of the first week over again! So in some ways, I'm on day 22, because if has become more a habit, and yet I have 2 additional weeks to go to ensure that I've slayed the dragon. I am a breastfeeding mama of a 5 month old and have a 2 year old as well. Contrary to what seemingly everyone says, breastfeeding does NOT make the weight fall off of me. I'm up about 20 lb each kid that desperately needs to go! I am trying to eat when hungry, drink lots of water, and keep my infant's nutrition in the forefront. When does the weight tend to fall off? I am still sluggish in the afternoons too. I'm waiting on that tiger blood!

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