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*toilet talk and TMI*


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Hi all, Whole30 veteran here ! This is my third full round with a Whole20 thrown in the mix post my first full rounds.

Every time I've done the Whole30, I feel amazing, I lose bloat, my stomach is on point.

This round, I have felt nothing but bloated, gassy and constipated !

I can't for he life of me figure out what is going on! I'm a typical daily to two-a-day movement person, but this round of W30 has been once every 1-2 days. I'm very gassy and the bloat just won't quit.

I eat fairly compliant when I'm not doing a strict round (maybe 70/30 more than 80/20) and find its the gluten/beer/sugar that makes me feel bad.

Typical Day Meals for me;

M1: 2 eggs, a plantain and bacon, sometimes with power greens. Full glass of H2O and tea/coffee.

M2: salad/chicken sausage or whatever was left over from dinner. Sometimes fruit.

M3: protein (chicken, beef, fish) & veggies (last night was cauliflower and peppers).

I've been trying Kombucha frequently to try to help the gut. Occasional nuts like cashews, occasional avocado.

H2o intake has needed work (I usually drink 24-48 once a in the workday) and try to pump some at night.

I feel like this is ruining my W30 experience and I would sincerely love suggestions/advice!


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there are still upper limits on leafy greens, i've downloaded the monash app, it's so helpful and has the most up to date research on fodmap levels of food

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Been staying away from FODMAPS trying to up the leafy greens & feeling more bloated than ever. This round has been SO frustrating.

If you're sticking to leafy greens are you also mainly eating them raw? This can cause bloating too....

I'd switch to cooked veg for a few days and see how you go.

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