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a pair of Whole30 newbies... on day 8!


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My name's Lauren. My boyfriend Spenser and I started the Whole30 recently and have somehow made it to day 8! We've been doing okay I think (the first few days were rough because we straight up did not have enough food to prepare), and I've had tons of support from my best friend Lydia who is a seasoned Whole30 pro ;) but I just felt like making an account here so maybe I could get in touch from some other folks who are going through the same thing right now! :D


I think the toughest part has actually been the COST of GROCERIES! Spenser & I are poor college students and we didn't expect to be getting so many groceries so often... Other than that though, things have been going okay - experiencing the same gross stuff that everyone goes through ;) but we've recently struck gold with a few recipes that we LOVED and will be making again and again! Here's one: http://awholenewtwist.com/paleo-roasted-lemon-garlic-shrimp/we paired it with roasted garlic green beans! We're also huge fans of steak & fajita-style peppers & onions. We looove spicy.


Thanks for reading my ramble... I'm looking forward to getting to know you all! Any other Day 8 teammates out there? :)

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