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Maybe it's because I have been low carb gluten free sugar free for 3 months and Paleo the last month but I have not experienced the tiredness or grouchiness---- at least so far. In fact today was a religios fast day for me and I think it was my easiest fast that I can remember in a long time. I made the break the fast. It included bagels and cream cheese, apple piecand halavah. I ate the lox on tomatoes with lemon juice. I didn't crave the bagels or the pie or the wine ( which prior to starting was the one thing I really hated to give up). BUT-- when I put out the 2% Fage Greek Yogurt--/ oh how I wanted that beautiful white fluffy tangy yogurt. But I did not.

No breakfast or lunch.

Dinner: frittata with spinach, onions and mushrooms

Lox, onion and tomato

Strawberries and blueberries.

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Day 4. I was late (again--got to address this!) going out the door to work and left my breakfast (hard boiled egg) and my lunch In the fridge. I had a Finance committee meeting at 9 and a Board meeting at 10 so I was distracted from food. Drank a lot of water. After the meetings I wasn't really that hungry. My husband and I made plans to go to dinner with friends. They picked a place with just bar food. I found it remarkably easy not to drink---and I thought that giving up liquor/wine which I drank everyday would be the hardest part. Surprise!!!

Lunch out: sad with grilled chicken and oil and vinegar.

Dinner out: hamburger with bacon and no bun. Lettuce and tomato.

Pretty boring dinner. I skipped the fish dip that was ordered for the table. But I concentrate on being with people I like and drinking alot of water. We did talk about eating and we each talked about things we have eliminated from our diets. So no judgement made it easier.

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Day 5. Once again quickly downed the 2 scrambled eggs. They are great plain fried in ghee.

Lunch out: at Duffys. drafthouse salad without the gorgonzola. salad with chicken, eggs, avocado, and bacon with oil and vinegar.

Dinner at country club. Big challenge-- no drinking and no ice cream bar for dessert. My grand- babies were there. Just concentrated on how much fun they are and not the food.

Dinner: roast beef, string beans, broccoli.

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Day 7. Sunday. Went to the grocery store to stock up. Yesterday I looked at the kosher chicken stock and saw it had sugar. Made 2 ATMs of chicken stock, short ribs, curried chicken, Asian cauliflower rice, roasted kale. I love to cook but I Spent half the day cooking. I only have 2 days off. This could get tricky!

Breakfast: omelette with onion,spinach and mushroom

Lunch: chicken curry and kale chips

Dinner: chicken curry and cauliflower

Easy food day.

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