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Anything to help cramps?


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I'm on day 23 and started my cycle on Sunday. Having pretty bad cramps (as I always do) and wondering what I can do to ease the pain. I usually take midol but don't want to take any meds while on w30.

Any recommendations?

Also considering going another 30 days to see if my symptoms improve next month. Anyone have history of cramping and back pain decrease after/ during whole30?

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I have not been diagnosed but without being tested my doctor told me I have lots of symptoms for it so I have a feeling I have it too. The first few days are almost unbearable. I am eating very clean due to whole30 however I still had bad cramps on days 1-3 of my cycle. Are there any foods you noticed that would make your cramping worse? I don't usually go anywhere the first couple days if my schedule works out that way (which it did this time) so I live glued to my heating pad.

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Give it some time. I found some pretty quick relief with diet changes but I was in excruciating pain every day. Now I just get a bad day or two every now and then if I'm not on top of my diet.

It took a good year to figure out *my* triggers. Best thing I ever did was get a blood food sensitivity test from my functional doc. There was a LONG list of stuff I reacted to that I don't think I would have all been able to pinpoint with a whole 30. A lot of my sensitivities are whole 30 compliant. I could list them all for you but you may have completely different sensitivities.

Hang in there. You're doing the right thing. Keep going. If you do indeed have endo, it's not going to go away in 30 days. But, once you get to a certain point you'll see what makes things better or worse. Give it time, listen to your body, and keep fine tuning. It's worth it in the end!

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Thank you all so much for the feedback. I'm going to take all your pointers into consideration and Karen I'm defiantly going to continue this way of eating for a while to see how the upcoming months improve! Looking forward to a change.

Going to try the Tumerick in my tea throughout the day as well. Does it alter the flavor of your tea typically?

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