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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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I'm going to be starting my Whole30 next week and I could not be more excited! However, during my 30 days I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed. Pretty much I will not be able to chew many kinds of foods so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could do? I really don't want to start my Whole30 any later so I'm hoping I can work around this one particular weekend while still staying within the guidelines. Thanks in advance!

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First off, don't trust that the hospital can give you compliant food, mine couldn't even do food without gluten :o  :huh:


I didn't have a fridge so I bought a bunch of those little organic baby food pouches.


I didn't have much tolerance for heat OR cold after I had mine out and for a few days also had very little appetite so I tried to just eat as much as I could and I didn't worry about 3 meals or the template as much, but I did buy pouches that included meat and vegetables, not just the all fruit ones.


For the after-hospital recovery at home I found I wasn't blending my soups smooth enough, depending on your surgery this can mean adding in lots of veggies can be difficult (using a sieve was best for me, although my sieve is a bit too forgiving). My recovery was a lot longer than a few days, but I had a full general anesthetic and hospital admission.


Before your surgery, you may be able to find out info on your post-surgery medication (if any) and look for more compliant options (but remember, doctors orders trumps Whole30).


Optional, but if you can use a water pick, you may find this helpful for the later healing stages when you're adding more solid foods (check that this is okay with your doc). I also found Vitamin C helped a lot with healing.

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