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Fell off wagon on day 24- so frustrated and don't know what to do

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I am on day 24- SO CLOSE TO DONE!


I was doing great, not having huge problems sticking with it, and REALLY enjoying eating Paleo foods.


Well, I found out after the fact that I accidentally ate something off plan for lunch and so have to start over. I'm so disappointed by this.


The issue is I can't start over right now, I have a work trip next month. I want to start over AFTER that trip, but what do I do right now, for the interim weeks? Do I stop right now (I really want a glass of wine after today)? Eat pseudo-paleo? I don't want to go binge on bread or anything, but I've got just less than 4 weeks until my trip. After that, I could start over. 


I'm not sure what to do and I'm so demoralized to realize I ate something with cream and bread crumbs in it that I'm having a hard time with my resolve, which up to now has been SO HIGH. 



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I would go back to Whole30 eating for now. Look at your calendar, see when your trip starts, and start reintroductions 12-15 days before that, so you can get them done, leaving whatever made your lunch non-compliant until last (assuming it was just one thing, not, like, a slice of pizza with all the non-compliant things at once). It's not a perfect Whole30 and won't necessarily give you perfect data, but it should give you some idea about how you react to different things so that you know if there are things you definitely want to avoid on your trip. Then, when you get back home, do another Whole30 with planned reintroductions just to make sure that not having the whole 30 days this time didn't make a difference.


Do think about what made you go off-plan. Was it lack of preparation? Was it a conscious decision to go off plan? An accident? Figure out what it was, so that hopefully you can avoid doing the same thing in the future.



Edited to add, I just realized I missed your last line where you describe having something with cream and bread crumbs -- definitely leave dairy and gluten grains until your last reintroduction, if you do it the way I suggested. 

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