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My first whole 30


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Today is my day 2 of the whole 30. I don't feel to great about today since I didn't have breakfast but feel like I'm doing ok so far. Tomorrow will be a challenge since I'm going to work.

Day 1

7am breakfast 1 egg, sweet potato/ apple blueberry hash, 3 bites of pineapple, I cup of hot water w lemon

Worked out by one zumba class and 3 miles of running. Lemon larabar in btw workouts.

Lunch- bowl of whole 30 approved chili 5 slices of apples

Dinner- potatos and a scrambled egg w sausage.

Day 2

No breakfast had morning dentist appt. woke w a headache and really tired

Lunch - chicken with lettuce/ broccoli and cabbage with 1 tsp of oil and vinegar ,2 dried fruits. I cup herbal tea no sweetner.

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