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Larabar recipes?


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Sorry. I didn't click the link to see the extract. Made with the extract, they are not whole 30 compliant.

Larabars are an emergency food. Used as a snack or a treat, they're really not keeping in line with the goals of the program. They are allowed in emergency situations because they are portable and really easy to toss in your purse or glove box to grab if you're stranded somewhere unexpected with no compliant food around

They differ from paleo breads in a pretty subtle, but distinct way. Paleo breads are paleofying old food habits, no question. Lara bars are compliant sugar bombs, but have a place, depending on how they're treated.

M&D have learned through experience that if there are no restrictions on them, people over rely on them and miss the point (and results) of the program

In either case, there are much better choices out there!

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I totally agree. Larabars are convenient, and they were a great go-to option when there weren't many others, but it's so easy to defer to a Larabar instead of taking the time to make better choices. It's no Snickers, but psychologically it's practically the same.

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