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Obese - no period

DannyMegan Tracy

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Hi, DannyMegan Tracy!


Prior to my first Whole30 last May, I had stopped having a period for going on 3 years. I pretty much continued eating Whole30esque after that. My OBGYN could not figure it out. She wanted me to have a MRI but I was hesitant so I finally went to an endocrinologist about a month ago. She thinks I was in experiencing hypothalamic amenhorrhea and she suggested I cut out my high intensity cardio workouts. I also did a second round of Whole30 this past January and I finally got a period! I think it just took a while for my hormones to regulate but I got a second period in February as well. I believe changing my eating habits and cutting out my cardio put me at a weight my body was meant to be at and brought my period back.


I guess what I'm saying is that with some patience and really sticking to a whole foods eating approach, our bodies can do some amazing things and really regulate themselves. I am amazed and a true believer that this way of eating can really heal our bodies. Of course, I am not a doctor or an expert in the matter so maybe someone else will chime in as well. I just really believe in this program and what it can do for people. 


Good luck!!

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