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Whole 30 Reintroduction for a beer lover


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Hi all,

I would love any feedback on my upcoming re-introduction. I am on day 25 of the Whole 30. I started it for the following reasons:


- to help resolve some digestive issues (mixed results thus far on this front)

- to increase energy (I have noticed some increases here for sure, though I have two small kids so sometimes I am just tired)

- to learn about cravings (I have had a major sweet tooth and kicking sweets and booze for almost a month is unchartered territory for me)


So, all in all, I feel great and I enjoy eating this way. Outside of beer and the every other day of dark chocolate, it hasn't been a huge shift in the way I eat. 


Moving forward, I think I will use this as a template for the most part in the way that I eat. I would like to incorporate the occasional craft beer (or 2) back in my diet, some dark chocolate here and there and some pancakes once a week with my little girl. I am not worried much about legumes and dairy as I don't really eat that anyway, but I'm curious about the other foods. 


My parents are coming to stay with us the weekend after my Whole 30 ends and I want to have a beer with my dad while I watch the game or let them pick where we eat (Whole 30 compliant or not). I don't want to worry too much about the "plan," but also don't want to sabotage any potential learning opportunities. 


So I guess my question is very general, but keeping this information in mind, does anyone have any tips or insight on the best way to re-introduce and learn from the re-introduction?


Thank you!

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regarding beer, I found out the hard way that I may be gluten-intolerant, and I hadn't fully completed my reintroduction of the food groups yet.  I would encourage you to follow the food group reintroduction plan, and try beer with the gluten day.  There are many gluten free beers available out there on the market now so if you want a beer with your dad, I would recommend buying this to share with him when he comes in town. Otherwise you may mess up all the hard work you have put into your Whole30 learning about what is good and bad for your system.

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