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coconut flakes


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I did Whole30, and now, I do Low Carb but the most is anyway compatible.

What I use daily now, are fermented milk products.

Here, in Germany, we have some other products, and so, it is sometime difficult for me, to find something out or to translate correctly the recommendations


Today I have a question for coconut flakes. I like to use them very much, in each kind.

I learned in "It begins with food" (I read it in English AND thanks god in German, too) that sugar in fruits is not to compare with sugar we usually use in the household. In fruits, it is nourishment.


Today, I received an email from a shop, they could find out a deliverer that have coconut flakes with reduced sugar. The sugar is washed out from their deliverer. By a special manufacturing process a part of the oil and 85% of sugar is washed out. Fat is now 54g, carbs 3,3g, sugar 3,3g - for 100g


What do you think about. Is the amount of sugar in coconut flakes really too high, so that is important to buy such an out washed product?


Or is this only a sales gimmick?


Do you have in the US such a sugar reduced product of coconut flakes?


Thanks - Irene

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If the ingredients have sugar then the product is out I am sorry.  Even if it's applied and washed off (similar to what happens to bacon for curing)


It is more or less about if the product HAS sugar.  It's not about reduced sugar - even if it's reduced it's still out.

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​I think, we didn't understand each other correctly, because I couldn't describe it correctly.


The coconut flakes are natural, without added sugar!

But you know, coconut tasted sweet, and so, in the fruit is sugar - and that is, on what the company is so proud to be able to wash it out.


I only think what "jmsbn" mentioned, that this action is a kind of refining, too.


Thanks for your answer!

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