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Starting March1st


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Hey guys my husband and I are starting our first Whole 30 on March 1st and we are stoked/petrified. Black coffee is my fear and lack of pancakes is my husbands but I am positive we can make it through. So far I am in the process of clearing out my house (bye coffee creamers!!). They say that you should share your motivation for choosing to go Whole 30 so I thought I would share mine with everyone, not just my husband because as much as I love him I am counting on him punching out around day 3.
Reasons for my Whole 30
1. My son, he is only 6 months now but I don't want him to have the same unhealthy start that I did as a child.
2. We want to have another child in 1.5 years so I need to get my body ready now so I can have a healthy pregnancy.
3. Banish my big ugly sugar dragon/ have a healthier relationship with food.
4. Be active again, I miss running every day.
5. Better sleep.
That's most of the big reasons why I am starting this whole 30 journey. I am so excited for this and ready to share all of my ups and downs with you guys! I am ready for a change and trust me I will keep my progress 100 percent real.


I will be back on day 0 with weight, measurements and (yikes) photos!
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