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Need some Whole 30 Round 2 advice... please

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Hi all,


I completed my first round of whole 30 over the summer. I was so proud of myself and almost slightly prideful and self righteous during it. I couldnt believe that I actually made the commitment to the strict 30 days and held myself to it. It was tough. 4th of July, girls wine nights, etc. I was sure at the end of the 30 days I would "see"  significant physical changes. Well I did not and the scale said I gained a pound. I was livid and bitter to say the least. But I remember how much better I felt from doing the Whole 30, no bloating, I was regular, I had more energy and definitly slept better. I also did not follow the reintroduction protocol because i was so angry that I had gained weight. So now Im here 7 months later and my body is screaming at me. I am constantly bloated and full feeling and my sugar dragon is worse than ever. I know I need to do another round for strictly the purpose of feeling better but in the back of my mind I want to lose some weight. I am not over weight and have been the same weight for a while now. I am sick of feeling "gross". I am an athlete and i should feel good inside my body and right now I do not.


Anyways I am resisting doing a round 2. I know how hard it was on the first round at times. I also was off during the summer and could focus on me 100% and now I am back at work ( Kindergarten teacher) and my days are crazy. I find myself reaching for anything sugary at school. I know these are fear in the form of excuses. 


So I would love and welcome any loving constructive suggestions to help me take the dive into choosing whats right. I know that it truly is one day at a time. 



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