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Legumes questions


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Yesterday was my first reintroduction day and I started with legumes. I had pinto beans with both M1 and M2, and I intended to eat an apple with peanut butter with M3, but I accidentally left the apple and pb at home and couldn't replace it so no legumes at M3. All in all I ate about 2/3 of a can of pinto beans. Was this enough to test?


I will say that I felt great with the beans. So far no negative reaction at all, and on the contrary, I think that bit of added fiber with meals 1 and 2 may have actually given my digestive system a good boost by the afternoon. Forgive me, but I won't be coy here, it was the best poo I've had since I started Whole30. Is it possible the beans had this effect so quickly or was this probably a coincidence?


Wondering if I should go ahead and eat that peanut butter today and then just add an extra day before I start the next reintro, so I can make sure I've tested thoroughly enough. Would love some advice. Thanks!

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