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should I be seeing or feeling results by the 12th day?

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I am on day 12 and had been struggling the first week because I was always hungry. I posted on the forum and was advised to eat more, more veggies, more fat more eggs. Now I am worried that I am eating too much. And I know it isn’t about weight but I am human and it is a bit about weight for me :) and I haven’t weighed myself but my clothes do not fit any looser. I am nervous about the fat intake because it is such a new concept


So my question is. IS it normal to not see results in the first 12 days? Or am I eating too much?


Typical day:


3 eggs with half a avocado

2 cups of coffee with coconut milk




5 veal meatballs

half sweet potatoe

Cup roasted vegtable (in olive oil)




Sliced apples

Almond butter




Salmon fillet

Sweet potatoe



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First, is that butter in your dinner clarified? If not, that is a dairy item and is not permitted on Whole30.


Second, you are not, not, NOT eating too much, in fact I still think you are undereating.  There are no veggies at your breakfast and you are still snacking on fruit/nut butter between meals.  For your breakfast I would probably recommend you do the three eggs, around a half avo (I usually use about a quarter at breakfast because there is fat built into whole eggs as well) and about 2-3 cups of non-starchy veggies.


For your lunch, depending on meatball size, you may need a couple extras.


Finally, it is completely normal to not be noticing any physical change or even to be noticing negative physical changes (bloating etc), especially if this is a really foreign way of eating for you.  Keep on keeping on, Stacy Melissa!  :D

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I'm on day 13 today too StacyMelissa!   I am in the same boat.  It's like you took the words out of my mouth.  Today has been a rough day for me.  I feel really blah and tired.  I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll get my tiger blood.    


I was also told to eat more but for me it's hard because I already feel really bloated.   I'm going to take the advice given and bump up my food intake.  

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StacyMelissa how are you feeling now?  We are on day 21!!!    I feel like my bloating has gone away but so has my tiger blood.  I have had zero energy or motivation since day 18.    

What do some typical meals look like for you?

It's quite possible that whilst you're eating compliant food that your meals could be better composed.


If you'd like to give us a run down of what you have been eating over the course of a few days we can take a look and hopefully help you troubleshoot to get that energy back...

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