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Meal Timing/ PWO Meals


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I've seen a few posts about meal timing - but I'm still trying to figure it out.  My typical morning is 4:45-5AM wake-up, out the door not later than 5:15 to make my 5:30 spin + toning classes (ends between 6:30-6:45).  I typically eat a banana and a few almonds when I first wake up and grab a cup of coffee for my drive to the gym.  I'm home and go straight to eating breakfast by 7am.  My typical breakfast is eggs +  veggies + fruit of some kind.


It's working, but I think it could be better.  Maybe I'm wrong - this may be the best I can do with this situation. I see the suggestions about eggs or protein before heading to the gym - but I literally cannot get up any earlier to make that happen. 


Any suggestions?  In my pre-Whole30 life, I was a fierce protein shake drinker, so that was my pre-workout drink on my way to the gym.  Now, I'm struggling with eating the proper things at the proper time and still staying W30 compliant.  

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Boil a dozen eggs at night. In the morning, eat a cold boiled egg on your way to to gym. Peel it the night before if you want to save more time. If you do okay at the gym after eating one boiled egg, try two boiled eggs the next day. 


Waiting to eat until you get home from the gym means you are not getting the benefit of a post-workout meal. You really need to eat within 15 minutes of your workout ending to be sure the protein gets to your muscles in a timely fashion. I take sardines packed in water or tuna packed in water to the gym to eat as my post-workout protein. Don't eat any fat at this time because fat slows digestion and will keep the protein from moving along fast enough. You can eat a starchy veggie to replenish muscle glycogen. A good choice is baked sweet potato. I bake 6 at a time and keep them in the refrigerator. If you bake a sweet potato 90 minutes at 350 degrees, you can eat it with a spoon later. It tastes like candy it is so sweet. And you don't need to refrigerate it if you take it to the gym with you. 


After you get home, eat a normal breakfast. Include fat in your breakfast because you need that to stay satisfied for 4-5 hours. 


Fruit replenishes liver glycogen, not muscle glycogen. Don't waste time eating fruit. Your liver doesn't need help, but your muscles do. 

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