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Started February 23rd


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Hi, all! I haven't been able to post until now due to not being able to validate my e-mail. Thanks ever-so-much Kristen and Shannon for getting that resolved!


I am a recently-turned-60 female (boy did THAT birthday sneak up on me) who has decided that she needs to make some changes in her eating style. Mostly due to sugar and Coke. (The liquid kind; not the other--and fortunately not the diet kind). I started drinking coffee this last year for the first time in my life, but of course, I started off with the milky, sugary, chocolatey versions to be able to drink it at all. The idea of drinking it black has been a little daunting, but I'm doing it with the coconut oil. I'm only using the coffee to get off the Coke which is a 20 year addiction for me. (I didn't touch the stuff for 20years before that).


Obviously I am on day 4. I haven't killed anyone yet but the day is still young.  :P  Yesterday, I noticed some congestion , but having detoxed from Coke before, it was pretty minimal. Yes, there is a LOT of meal prep--and I'm glad to be retired or I don't know how I would do it. Especially since the closest store is 17 miles away so I can't just hope over to the store to grab something--A fair amount of planning has to go into this. So, onward and upward.

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