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Kick-off 24-Feb-2016


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Hello fellow whole30'rs!


Hubs & I started our very first Whole30 a couple of days ago and so far, we're doing well. We've been eyeing the program for a few years now, when we started trying to eat cleaner on our own and joined a gym together and also purchased Mel Joulwan's Well Fed book (we have the 2nd one now too). Reality set in though, and we didn't stay as committed to eating well as we should have. Apparently, cheetos and taco bell aren't considered "clean" :P Wutevs. lol


Our biggest challenge right now is hubs works as an RN doing 12-hr night shifts, so packing enough food that can be consumed quickly is a challenge (he only gets a 30-min break) and often needs something he can eat while charting (so, salads or anyting that requires a lot of chewing, are basically out). 


Anyways, we're excited about the changes we're hoping to see in ourselves, and how we relate to food overall. 


We can do this! 



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