Completed Whole30 #2! Woo!

Keri W.

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I completed my 2nd Whole30 and I felt terrific! Decided I wanted some organic chocolate covered cashews. Ugh...felt awful after eating them, and to be honest...they weren't that good. I've decided that I just want to continue on with the whole9 lifestyle. I really like it...and feel that it is the only healthy way to achieve weight loss and/or live a healthy life. I've tried every possible method...but this is the first time that my body and mind feel very calm and okay with this lifestyle. I'm not stressed over what I eat, or worried about how many calories I am consuming. I don't even care about the scale...but I would like to mention that after completing two whole30s...with a bit of "off roading" in between each one...I've lost 15 pounds! I'm thrilled!! :lol:

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