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Non stop bloating

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Day 27

I have a pretty sensitive stomach. That's why I do whole 30 a couple times a year but this time around I have been uncomfortable often. It usually goes away somewhat quick but it had been constant for the last couple days. Very uncomfortable today and just want relief! I tried some home remides that people mentioned but nothing helped. Just to give a run down of my food so see if anyone can help.

M1 sautéed spinach, salmon, fried egg and kiwi

M2 turkey patty, mixed veggies and avocado

M3 turkey kielbasa, sauerkraut and sweet potatoes

M4 (worked really late) coconut blueberries and pecans

M1 sausage jalapeño fritata

M2 buffalo chicken salad over mixed greens

M3 baked chicken thigh green beans and red potatoes

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I'd skip the sauerkraut until you're feeling better too.


If you cut both of those out and still aren't feeling better, I'd cut the sweet potatoes too (they're a FODMAP).

If there's any new foods you've added this time around, have a think about whether any of these might be irritating your stomach.

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