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Started February 21


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Hello everyone! I am in day 8 of my Whole 30 challenge. I decided to come to the forums because I am not doing this with a buddy or partner, and I thought this would be a good place to find encouragement and wisdom. Things are going well so far - temptations, yes, but no cheating. 


I decided to try this because I felt there was something wrong with my body, but I couldn't describe exactly what. Sure, it would be nice to lose a little weight, but that wasn't really my concern. It was how I felt that bothered me. Sluggish. Unmotivated. Unfocused. I am in good health, so I felt it was probably dietary, or could possibly be dietary.


t have friends who have done cleanses with shakes, and I looked into that, but the idea of purchasing and ingesting something processed to detoxify my body seemed counterintuitive. I thought, if I'm going to clean myself up, I would really like to do it with food. Why can't I do it with food?


Then a friend on Facebook posted that she just finished her Whole 30 challenge, and went on about how great she felt. I googled it, and voila! Cleaning house with food! That's what I was looking for. So I did some reading, and did some food planning/shopping, and here I am. I am looking forward to learning here. 

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