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Starting on March 1, 1st time, hoping this will help me figure out my migraines.


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Hi there,

Well my name is Jennifer I am a 38 yr old mom of 2 crazy kids and 1 crazy husband. I get horrendous migraines that put me in the ER at least once every 10 days if not more frequent depending on if they are breaking or not. I have read the book that goes along with the Whole 30 diet and over the last few years have dabbled at trying to do something like this. Well NOW I AM SET! I have to do this for my health and to be a better Mom for my kids. So as of March 1 I am starting The Whole 30. I have pulled up the grocery lists to go shopping and even the list of what to look for in ingredients that we don't want to have.

If anyone has any recipes they would like to share I am all ears. I know I can do this! But any pointers are welcome. Thanks for being here for support.


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Hi Jenn, I am doing this primarily for migraines too. I started on March 23rd, but couldn't get logged into the forum for several days.


How are things going for you? Did you complete the 30 days? Are your migraines better?


What other diets (or diet restrictions) have you tried? I was most recently trying GAPs, but couldn't stick with it. Before that I was trying Paleo/Ketosis, but again I was finding it too restrictive.


A new ND put me on this, and I am finding it so much easier with all the carbs allowed. But, I still have the migraines. I'm on day 13 now I think. 


Supposed to give this the Whole 30 days to evaluate. 



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