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Breastfeeding and Wacky .'s

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I am still exclusively nursing my 13 month old son. I started eating primarily Paleo about 3 months ago, just after having my very first cycle post-baby. Since then, things got wacky... I'm on day 14 of my first Whole30 and they've only gotten worse. I am not sure how I feel about going back on BC for a few reasons... but my Dr seems to think that's the only way to regulate my cycles other than just waiting it out... in which case if they don't regulate, she fears I will develop anemia. I have had about 4 cycles only 2 weeks apart... then 2 cycles a week apart (1 was during the beginning of my Whole30) and then just a couple of days after finishing my latest cycle, I had another lighter mini-cycle, which lasted about 2-3 days... All but the last were a full 7 days.

The Dr wants to do a test on my thyroid... and says that it might just be some excess endometrial shedding from not having a cycle for so long... A part of me is afraid I am going to need to go on birth control to regulate but another part of me doesn't really want to. Has anyone else experienced this?

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