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The space between where I am and where I want to be is 30 days...


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I'm starting day 1, after two months of procrastination and, honestly, fear. Ive been 'practising', by cooking while 30 compliant meals and cutting sugar down but today is real.

I'm looking forward to:

- more energy

-good feelings

- feeling physically stronger and more comfortable

- hopefully, being lighter and those measurement numbers smaller

- loving myself a bit more.

I'm scared about:

- failing

- not noticing any differences

- progress being sabotaged by others

- progress being sabotaged by me

-judging myself too harshly and negative self talk.

I want to look back at this log and be able to say that I smashed the excrement out of my fears and achieved (and owned) all my hopes for 30/40 days time.

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Day 2 (in retrospect),

I was expecting the hangover but it never came on day 2... Perhaps that joy is yet to come but having reduced auger before I started the plan, maybe I've dodged the bullet (!).

I went food shopping at the supermarket and WOW! Everything is sugar based, gluten based or full of milk products! There were entire aisles that I could just skip over (the majority, in fact) and it brought home just how processed and manufactured a 'normal' modern diet is.

Roll on day 3...

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