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Starting March 1st too


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It's wonderful to be in a space with motivated people eager to change their lives for the better!


I'm here to publicly announce my commitment for the next 40 days to following the Whole 30 plan and 10 day reintroduction phase.


I've done many cleanses/elimination diets.  However, I'm not sure if I truly followed any of them 100%.  


I am starting Whole 30 tomorrow, March 1st.  I am a Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Veteran of the Armed Forces (to name a few), and I've lead others through cleanses/elimination diets and have seen them achieve remarkable results.


I have also seen what happens in my life when I eat clean, whole foods.  I have reduced cravings, have more energy, feel lighter, my skin clears, and my digestion system works amazingly well. 


I want to support my body during this time to function at its optimal level.  I want clear, bright, beautiful skin.


I also want to improve my athletic and recovery performance.


And I want to improve my brain function, so I can have more clear thinking, be able to make better decisions, and be in better communion with God.


I look forward to connecting with my fellow clean food eaters!


Lot's of love and support to you all!





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