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Starting another Whole30!


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I did my first Whole30 in January. Having known about the program for about a year and saying I would do it at some point, I finally made the decision in December to do it. Besides having hypothyroidism and being overweight, I have no health problems. I just wanted to feel good and fit back into some clothes that I haven't worn in about 2 years. My January Whole30 was great! I prepped myself mentally and made my kitchen ready for the month ahead. It was actually easy. Once I was committed, I didn't have any cravings. I lost 11 lbs total, 10 of which was just fat. I felt amazing. I didn't even realize how bad food was making me feel until I didn't feel it anymore. No bloating, no digestive issues, no acne. It was great! I did the 10 day reintroduction and didn't notice any issues with the food groups, except that dairy made me a bit gassy. 


I figured I'd continue to eat mostly on the plan but after my reintroduction period, I was no longer "committed." The 30 days were up and, in my mind, I could eat anything I wanted. So I was ordering pizza again and going out to eat. I was snacking again even though I wasn't hungry. And my craving for sugar roared.


So now I'm doing it again. But I'm going in with a totally different mindset. I'm doing a Whole60 starting tomorrow through April. I may even do May because that's when my friend wants to do her Whole30. I'm not just going to commit to 30 days or 60 days. I'm committing to the rest of my life. I'd like this W60 to turn into a year-long project for myself. 


My fiancee will be joining me in about 2 weeks (he's going on a trip and doesn't want to start before he goes). He has some health issues that he wants to work on and he saw how successful my first Whole30. With him by my side, I think I will be even more successful this time around. Thanks for all the motivation W30 community!

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