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Starting October 1st!


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I am about to embarck on this Whole 30 adventure. I have been basically primal/paleo for 2012 to date. This past month my eating habits, although not totally off, have not been the best (too much dark chocolate, bacon, not as concerned about a little added sugar). So, I was mentioned to my non-paleo/primal hubby that I was going to do a Whole 30 to get things tightened up a bit. AND he indicated he wanted to try to do it as well!

This means a lot to me as I have seen him struggle with health issues that I KNOW could potentially be addressed by a change in his lifestyle. The hardest thing for him will be giving up dairy and actually eating three times a day (he tends to not eat until afternoon or later). I want to impress on him the need for sleep as well.

I went to a Whole 9 seminar earlier this year and I have the book so we have lots of info. Now I have signed up for the forum as well. I look forward to reading all the posts and getting lots of advice from you all!


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