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Whole30 Newbie


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Hey y'all!


I'm preparing to start my very first Whole30 and I am so excited! I have struggled since college with a binge eating disorder and unfortunately my favorite things to binge on are bread and sugars. I am really ready to change my lifestyle around and get rid of the weight that I gained from all of the years of eating my way through the stresses of college, relationships, grad school, and work life. I don't want to rely on food as my comfort and boredom cure. I want to see food as a way of nourishing myself, not making myself feel better (and then worse because I make myself sick from it). 


In the past couple of years I have had some serious digestion problems as well as a reoccurring stomach ulcer. What I eat DEFINITELY affects both of those, but I haven't been able (until now!) to make the lifestyle changes that I need to in order to be healed on the inside.


My goals are: 
1. change my relationship with food

2. get over my need for sugar 

3. to heal my gut

4. to lose weight and be at a health BMI for the first time in 6 years. 


Good luck and many blessings to you all! I hope you are able to find what you are looking for through this program!




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