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Whole 30 Take 2


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Hi Everyone,

I am so glad that I can find some support with this community. I successfully completed my first Whole30 at the beginning of February! I lost weight, my skin cleared up, I slept better and had more energy to stick to a 13.1 training schedule (completed the ING Miami Half Marathon at the end of January).

Since then I tried incorporating Paleo into my regular lifestyle, because my social life started slowing down and my husband and I felt limited on how and when we can hang out with our friends.

But now I am back to my original weight with zero will power after 3 months of giving into temptation.

So, to jumpstart back into my lifestyle change, I am on day 2 of my second round of a Whole30!

I feel good about it and motivated to get myself and my husband through May and after that stick with 80/20 paleo!

Thanks already for all your support and advice along the way!

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Very interesting you posted this as my hubby and I were just talking about that exact topic. We are on day 3 and he is already looking at the end, which is good, but is concerned about putting weight lost back on. I really like the 80/20 mentality, I'll keep that in mind after we finish!

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back to the basics for me also. I completed a Whole30 about a month ago, and while I kept with the eating plan since then, there have been some exceptions. What I've noticed is on the day after those "exception days" I don't feel so hot, kind of (really) bloated, allergies sneaking in, and I actually want more of whatever it was I ate.

Another reason I want to do another Whole30 is to get a better handle on hunger levels, portion size and my after dinner snacking habit, because really, it is a habit, a forty year old habit with a lot of emotional entanglements built into it...During my first round I didn't see the weight loss I was hoping for and I'm pretty sure these three things are partly responsible.

So here I am.

I feel fairly settled into the idea of letting go of my need for eating more than I'm actually hungry for, and for comfort from food in the pm hours. I know there are likely to be some troubled waters as I address the underlying reasons these habits got so entrenched to begin with, which is why I have a good stock of soothing green teas in the house.

It may be a substitute on occasion, but it's one I can live with.

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