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Staying Lean and Eating Clean: My Life After Whole60!


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Day 24


6:15am TRX class



Espresso with co/am



chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots



finished my breakfast: roasted potatoes and carrots, 1/2 red bell pepper with guacamole



2 Aidell's sausages, sweet potato, and spinach sautéed in coconut oil, drizzled with garlic oil

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Day 25 Food Log
espresso with co/am
ground turkey and spaghetti squash sauteed in coconut oil with Ras Hanout
(1 protein + 1.5 veggie)
decaf espresso with co/am/cocoa/tsp maple syrup
Ate at the Counter - beef patty over greens with avo, roasted pineapple, green chilis, red peppers, tomatoes, and red onion, with 1/4 avo and sweet sriracha dressing
Green and Blacks dark chocolate


Ate at Greenleaf - turkey patty, kale, light dressing, ricotta salata (reintroducing cheese)
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Day 26 - posting for yesterday (Easter) introduced more dairy in the form of cheesecake.


espresso with co/am


2 hard boiled eggs with homemade mayo


almond milk latte on the way to the beach for 30 minute walk/jog/stair climbing - felt great!


spaghetti squash, broccoli, and shrimp sautéed in garlic olive oil, finished with butter and lemon juice


dark chocolate


At my mom's I had 4 more pieces of dark chocolate... and later I had a piece of cheesecake minus the crust - definitely felt the sugar crash in the form of a headache.


Dinner was ham, green beans with garlic and almonds, olives, and green salad with vinaigrette. Felt much better after eating and avoided chocolate and sugar after...


Learning my lessons around too much chocolate and sugar = do NOT feel well. And indulging in more than a bite or two = wanting MORE which = NOT feeling good. I choose to feel good!

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Day 27 - no new reintros - just eating clean :)


daily espresso


Breakfast: banana and 1 large strawberry


Lunch: spaghetti squash, broccoli, and shrimp sautéed in garlic olive oil, finished with butter and lemon juice 


Dinner out: thai beef salad - totally compliant


Need to grocery shop tomorrow!

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90 day update! Since January 2, 2016 to now I have released 9 pounds of body weight of which 8 pounds is body fat!!!


I am exercising more consistently, eating to the template most of the time, feeling good about my food choices and shopping, prepping, and cooking habits. I have eaten out more over the last few weeks and am finding it easy to stay mostly compliant. After cooking 99% of my meals for the prior 60 days, this is a treat :)


In the last few days I have decided to let the daily food log go as I no longer need it. I am staying 95% whole 30 compliant as I move through the slow roll reintro process. For the most part I feel really good about my food choices. Excess sugar is the only thing that has bothered me in a negative way. Below is the last 31 days of re-intros and their effects. I have NOT reintroduced gluten.


Reintroduction Tally - Days 22 - 31:
day 22 - had a veggie spring roll (rice paper) with peanut sauce AND my lemongrass chicken vermicelli salad (rice noodles, sprinkle of peanuts) - no ill effects
day 25 - had ricotta salata on a kale salad - no ill effects
day 26 - had more cheese in the form of cheesecake AND too much dark chocolate - major headache - eating whole, clean food afterwards helped to get my system back in greater balance
day 29 - reintroduced an oatmeal / non-gluten grain cereal (TJs Ancient Grain and Super Seed Oatmeal) with butter and cranberries - no ill effects
day 30 - Day 90 since I started my journey - reintroduced alcohol - I enjoyed 2 glasses of white wine at an event - no immediate effects AND I did not feel drunk. However, the next morning I woke up much earlier than normal with a major headache :(
day 31 - Decided to have one glass of white wine to see how it effected me - did not feel drunk and did not have a headache this morning :)
30 day re-intro summary:
Excess sugar: NOT ok. Also creates craving for more sugar same day and next day.
Excess wine (more than 1 glass): NOT ok. Major headache and disrupted sleep.
Dairy: small amounts of cheese (parmesan and ricotta salata) and butter are ok.
Non-gluten grains: vermicelli, rice paper, oatmeal and TJs Ancient Grain and Super Seed Oatmeal are ok.
Legumes: peanut sauce and peanuts as a garnish: ok.
Not eating enough = minor headache / low energy.
Regular exercise = happy / healthy / I feel on top of the world energy!
From this point forward I will continue to journal my observations around my food re-intros / exercise / habits and anything that keeps me on track or derails me. This accountability has been supportive and I enjoy the process.
p.s. since taking the homeopathics, my elimination has gotten back to normal. No bloating, and no hard-distended-upper-abdomen discomfort either.
Prior re-intros to keep them in one post for easy reference:
Week 3
day 15 - peanuts and rice noodles. It was yummy and worth it. No ill effects... did not mean to introduce two different food groups at once, so glad all went well! 
day 17 - day 21 - reintroduced dark chocolate and in small doses is fine. The day I had 6 pieces I felt buzzed and didn't like how I felt.
I have also been having fruit and sunbutter regularly this week and realize (again) that sunbutter is addictive for me and best not in my home. Same with dark chocolate :)
The last couple of days I have experienced a minor headache. Feeling it is related to not eating enough and possibly the chocolate. Now that I know my energy / elimination has been effected by the presence of parasites / amoeba / protozoan, I am looking forward to an improvement with both. I am taking a homeopathic remedy and have already experienced a change in elimination. 
Week 2
day 11-1 tbsp Butter in bulletproof coffee - no noticeable effects other than consistent energy throughout the rest of the day!
day 12-1 tbsp butter in espresso - no noticeable effects
day 13-1 tbsp butter + coconut oil in espresso - feel good :)
day 14 - introduced parmesan - very light sprinkling - no ill noticeable effects
Week 1
Non-gluten grains: Steel-cut Oatmeal x 2 days - no noticeable effects - tasted ok
Sugar / light dairy and soy lecithin: Special Dark Miniature Chocolate Bar - no noticeable effects - totally yummy!
Bloating has gone down, minor pain in upper abdomen is gone, elimination improved.
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