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yessirree! Did the thing! these are some unexpected effects: unbidden memories came up from when i was much younger, and I felt more like the old self that I didn't realize I had left behind.  After years of constantly pushing myself, chronic pain and a heart condition that i daily dosed with wine, always feeling rushed and harried, Whole30 caused me to slow down, to pay better attention to self care... i seemed to feel dreamy and quiet, which was not what I expected at all.  I had been originally attracted by Whole30's reported impact on sleep -- unfortunately, due to pain my chronic insomnia was only dented a bit.  I didn't have cravings, and having an overstuffed fridge was a novelty!  I liked that there was no negotiation and decision-making, and i really like my new habits -- I'm going to modify some other habits soon... it was surprisingly benign and easy... yay!

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